HIPAA Info Center

All you need to be healthcare compliant

For healthcare organizations, the protection and security of confidential information is beyond important - it means the difference between HIPAA compliance and patient respect and confidence, fines, business meltdown and even a jail term.

V.I. Experts can help you to ensure that your security standards are HIPAA compliant the first time around, with our full range of services for the healthcare industry. This is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective route to HIPAA compliance, and includes all the essential tools to ensure you comply, improve your security and reduce costs.

Our HIPAA services offer:

  • A thorough risk assessment and threat analysis
  • Security recommendations
  • Protection of electronic health information
  • HIPAA training and employee compliance testing
  • Compliance reports and employee security reminders
  • Renewal of policies and procedures for complete compliance
  • Tracking tools for CD/DVD/USB drives with patient information
  • HIPAA compliance portal, for access to disaster plans and incident responses
  • Financial protection from breach expenses and violation fines
  • Full support from our team of dedicated experts

HIPAA services from V.I. Experts give you permanent peace of mind that you’re both compliant and protected.

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