About Us

Our Mission

To deliver Enterprise Class I.T. support and value through progressive I.T. Systems.

Our Company

V.I. Experts offers Enterprise Class I.T. support, sales, and service to small and medium size organizations throughout the San Diego and Orange County metropolitan areas. Our enterprise business systems, defined procedures, and experience set V.I. Experts apart as the premier provider of outsourced I.T. and computer networking.

Our core competency is our technical expertise AND our process of consistently delivering superior service. Complete I.T. Support is the flagship of V.I.

Experts service offering. With “Complete I.T. Support” V.I. Experts manages all aspect of a client’s computer network including; executive level I.T. Management, on-site support, remote helpdesk, network management, and complete backup solutions. While the majority of our clients choose a complete support package, we also have clients that simply prefer hourly I.T. support on an as needed basis. This service is ideal for very small clients with simple computer networks or larger clients that need to supplement their current I.T. staff.

In addition, V.I. Experts offers simple and effective I.T. Solutions for common business needs. These solutions include VoIP phone systems, wireless networking, online marketing strategies, offsite backups, disaster recovery planning, and business continuity.