More for less

If your business needs more IT to get the job done, but your premises are quickly filling up, then V.I. Experts’s Virtualization services could hold the answer. You need the very best technology to perform at optimum levels, and we help you to separate the equipment it runs on from your in-house environment and have your IT delivered electronically by us.

When you subscribe to a Virtualization package with V.I. Experts, hardware and applications are hosted by us, giving you the benefit of higher memory, more software and greater reliability. What’s more, you can do away with worries about the cost of additional storage. Virtualization is possible with everything from applications to whole networks.

V.I. Experts’s Virtualization solutions mean you can:

  • Enhance performance - thanks to greater capability than you have space for
  • Speedily recover - if disaster hits, virtualization makes restoration simpler
  • Go green - fewer servers cuts electricity usage and bills

Adopting Virtualization is easy and painless - best of all, your end user employees will see no change at all. The difference is seen in enhanced uptime and innovation, reduced strain on your IT team, and slashed costs.

Virtualize your way to success.

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