Cloud Backup

Safeguard your data for the life of your practice

The only thing more valuable than your healthcare practice is the data that keeps it running. Don't take a chance when it comes to the privacy, security and replication of that data - leave it to the experts at V.I. Experts. Our Cloud Backup Services make the backup and exchange of your sensitive data as easy and painless as possible, with the utmost attention paid to its security.

With Cloud Backup services from V.I. Experts, you can expect:

  • Secure online backups - private replication of all your valuable data
  • Advanced encryption - for bullet-proof security of your data
  • Flexibility - schedule the replication of your data at the interval of your choice
  • Proactive monitoring - 24×7 care of your data in a world-class data centre
  • Multi-platform support - including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Netware

With Cloud Backup services from V.I. Experts, your practice can enjoy the benefits of backup solutions that are scalable, secure, flexible and affordable.

Can you afford to lose everything you've worked for?

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