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To help you get to know us better, I’d like to send you a FREE eBook we’ve created titled, “The Secret To Finding Honest, Competent, Responsive IT Services.” This free guide will reveal the insider secrets of the IT Consulting industry as well as arm you with relevant questions you should ask any computer consultant before giving them access to your company’s network. Even if you aren’t ready to outsource your IT support or make a change from who you are using now, this report will give you the right information and questions to ask when the time comes. And if you have a sneaking suspicion that your current IT person is not delivering the level of service and support you need, this guide will quickly help you determine if your suspicions are correct – AND what you can do about it. Why am I giving this away for free? Because the computer support and service industry, unlike many others, is NOT regulated. That means anyone who can offer computer support and promote themselves as an expert. While I do believe most IT professionals are well intending, I find that many do NOT have the correct business systems in place to properly support and secure their client’s network. I can’t tell you how many times we have taken over a client from a previous IT company only to find multiple problems hiding in wait. We have found gaping security holes, failing backups, unregistered software or software improperly registered to the previous IT company’s email address, no documentation, no passwords for critical devices or services, and the list goes on and on. Without the proper IT business systems to properly run and maintain your IT department or computer network you are relying on luck to ensure the safety of your network, data, and client’s information. Which is why it’s so important for you to arm yourself with the information contained in this report and one of the main reasons we developed it. To claim your free copy now, simply fill out this form and you will be able to download it immediately. Dedicated to serving you, Matt Murphy

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